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No 4 Tavy Cleave

Well, here goes, I’ve been told I need to make my blogs more interesting and explain what I’m trying to do/achieve, so I’ve taken a number of photos explaining the process. I’ve started by first applying gesso to a heavy duty white paper. The gesso creates a texture onto which I then roughly draw in the scene followed by blocking in the shapes using oil paint. Once this has dried I work on top using Sennelier oil pastel. I love this as the pastel feels like oil paint in a stick, it’s very creamy and easy to use and blend. For blending my tools are white spirit, cotton wool and cotton buds. I might add detail later with a paint brush or a graphite pencil. If you need to ask me any questions then please message me. #sennelier #Tavycleave #Dartmoor #oilpastel


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